1.  What is is an advertising platform to buy/sell preloved. 
2.  Does offer free ad posting?
Yes. You can post an ad on for free. However, if you want to highlight your advertisement, we have an upgrade feature that is completely optional.
3.   Why do I have to register to post an advertisement?
By registering with, we are able to verify an individual's profile. Users must be registered to view the mobile numbers and message other sellers.
4.   How does the mobile verification code work?
Upon registering, valid UAE mobile number holders will receive a six-digit verification code. In this way,
we can verify the mobile numbers of our users.
5.   How does a bump-up ad work?
Users can use bump-up to push their ads to the top of a page. The service is only available to featured members.
6.   Who can post on
You may sell used or new furniture if you are an individual or a furniture store.
Service providers and home improvement vendors can advertise on the Sooqer platform.  
7.  What kind of content can you post on
Real estate buys/ rent, Used cars, used fashion & accessories, used furniture, used electronics, used mobiles, PCs, tablets, home appliances, sports, gym equipment, books, toys, services & repairs advertising. 
8.  Is there any restriction on posting ads on is only available to UAE residents. 
9.  Is the seller of these products?
Not at all. The products shown on are not sold by
10. has a physical store?
 Not at all. It is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers.
11. offers a payment option?
For advertisers, offers both free and paid options. We offer an affordable feature upgrade for
those who wish to feature their ads. This is an optional step. 
12.  Is there a pickup/delivery option available?
Currently, we do not offer pickup delivery options for our users. There is no affiliation between and such a service provider. 
13. If a user wants to delete their profile, how do they do it?
 To remove a user's profile, they must email the admin at 
Please refer to's Terms & Conditions and the privacy policy page for a detailed reference.